I Am Listening


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This track is included in our "Bountiful" CD Album.


Do you know that I am listening?
I can hear the words you say
When you talk about the Father,
Of His goodness and His grace.
How I love to hear you worship,
Flowing free and unrestrained.
I'm so glad you break the silence
When your heart fills up with praise!

I can hear you, I am listening
And I marvel at faith so strong.
Keep on praising, singing, and speaking
Of the faithfulness of God,
For it helps me carry on!

Do you know that I am listening
When you bless Him in your pain?
And although it isn't easy
Still you offer up your praise.
For the cloudy day is coming
When your words will come to mind.
I'll remember when you whispered,
God is faithful all the time!”

Do you know that I am listening
When we say the last goodbyes,
When you trust Him in the shadows
On your way to paradise?
And your words will be the treasure
That I'll cherish when you go.
Through the years I'll hear them echo,
God is faithful to His own!”

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