His Goodness Mine (chorus)


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One glimpse of holy splendor, one glance of glory bright;
One view of sinless perfection, engulfed in blinding light;
One moment in God’s presence, no sinner would dare to claim
Their goodness to ever be good enough to live in His domain. But…

Sweet are the sounds that I’m hearing – they bring me rest!
Echoes of Somebody pleading, pleading His work in my stead.
Jesus holds before His Father the wounds that have won all my favor.
Beautiful scars have declared me perfectly holy in Him!

Millions will boldly claim it, they proudly testify
That though their mistakes may be many, there’s goodness deep inside.
The filthy rags they offer are all that they have to show.
But, I will forsake every confidence and boast of goodness bestowed.

Oh, the relief to be resting, the sweetest peace one could know;
To cease from trying to be good enough, of every labor let go!
For One, just One, is Worthy and I to the Worthy am tied.
So I, with trembling gratitude, can claim His goodness mine!