Heaven is Looking Brighter


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This track is included in our "Still, You Satisfy" CD Album.


Heaven is looking brighter, this world is growing dim,
The more I love my Savior and the more I hate my sin.
The simple pleasures of this life are mixed with pain and care.
Oh, this world can't hold a candle to what awaits me over there!

When I was just a little child, I learned about a place called Heaven,
But earthly fascinations held my attention then.
So many childhood hopes and dreams had a lifetime to come true,
And Heaven didn't thrill me, I had way too much to do!

Heaven seems much closer to me every year that passes by.
Each milestone I've arrived at brought a smile and a sigh.
Though God can grant abundant life to all the saints below,
In Heaven God will wipe out every heartache, every woe!

While I am still a pilgrim, sin's curse I must endure,
And daily is my struggle to escape temptation's lure.
While inward battles weary me, they cause me to become
A little more excited for I can't wait 'til vict'ry's won!

And if someday by Providence, I reach three score and ten,
I, likely, will be ready to leave this planet then
For fewer things attract me here than ever have before,
And greater is my longing to walk through Heaven's door!

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