Forever Be Sure


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Audio Sample:



God chose me long before the world had ever come to be
To be an heir of paradise for all eternity.
Not only did His precious blood atone for all my sin,
I can be sure that when I die, I’ll go to live with Him.

I can forever be sure that my soul is secure – God holds me tight in the palm of His hand.
I can forever be sure that God’s love will endure – His thoughts to me outnumber the sand.
I can forever be sure that God’s Word will endure – Against human foes, it will stand.
Though my plans may change, all my life rearrange – I can forever, and ever be sure.

God did not spare His only Son, but gave Him for us all.
Now Jesus sits at God’s right hand and intercedes my call.
I can be sure not death or life would make His love depart;
Nor famine, sword, or nakedness would change His loving heart.

God gave to all His Holy Word to open blinded eyes,
Rejoice the weary, burdened heart, and make the simple wise.
God’s perfect law is wholly true and His commandments pure.
The precepts of the Lord are right – of this I can be sure.

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