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This track is included in our "King of the Night" CD Album.


O God, our present help, You are the God of our today.
For a fresh supply of daily bread our needy hands we raise.
Tomorrow is not promised and yesterday has passed,
So not for what may lie ahead, but for today we ask,

Give us bread for today, strength for today.
Every morning finds us waiting at the fountain of Your grace.
Father, take tomorrow's worry, take the cares of yesterday.
With a simple day's provision, fill our needy hands we pray.”

As the morning sun dispels the night new mercies have been sent.
We awake because Your faithfulness has kept us once again.
Like manna freshly fallen, sufficient our supply.
Oh, the wisdom of Your steadfast love proven one day at a time!

We have loads too hard to carry, we have weights we cannot bear.
We have minds too full of worry, we have fears too hard to share.
Our need that never quenches compels us back today
To lift our cup of emptiness, to lift it up and say,

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