Fix Your Eyes on Jesus


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This track is included in our “Remember” CD album.


Radiance of Glory, the Son of high esteem;
Hero of the story, from start to end supreme;
Author of creation, Who holds the universe;
Source of our salvation, Who saves us from the curse –

Fix your eyes on Jesus, the Champion of the course,
With faith held firm to its Perfecter and Source.
Casting off each sin as you run the race,
Fix your gaze on Christ till you see Him face to face!

Lower than the angels, a Man of flesh He came;
For the joy before Him, endured the cross of shame;
Gave His life an offering, High Priest Himself atoned;
Seated now in glory, with majesty enthroned!

Tested just as we are, so mercifully He pleads;
We can pray with boldness because He intercedes!
Tasted death for sinners, a Brother in our pain;
Shared our suffering with us that we might share His reign!

See the celebration in heaven’s pure delight,
Faith’s anticipation transforming into sight!
Saints who ran before us by faith have finished strong –
They, the cloud of witness compelling us along!

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