“Contentment Calamity” DEMO CD


*This is a non-professional recording of the full “Contentment Calamity” cantata.  You’ll need to go through the checkout process, but will not be asked for any personal financial info.  No physical CD will be mailed, as this is a digital album.  Thank you!



Order of Demo CD:

  1. Christmas Commotion Medley
  2. Scene One
  3. Whiter Than the Whitest Snow
  4. Scene Two
  5. Perspective is Elective
  6. Scene Three
  7. Christmas Commotion (Piano Interlude)
  8. Scene Four
  9. The Bible is a Feast for the Soul
  10. Scene Five
  11. Content in a Tent
  12. Scene Six
  13. Christmas Commotion Medley Reprise