Carry Me, Father


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This track is included in our 2023 “Carry Me, Father" CD Album.


Carry me, Father – carry me through.
All of my hoping
is bound up in You.
have reached the end of what these hands can do,
And moving a mountain
is easy for You.

Carry me, carry me, carry me!
Father, carry me.

Carry me, Father – lift me above
The cares of this life that have left me undone.
Father, full of pity, untouched by the waves,
From waters that threaten to sweep me away… (refrain)

Carry me, Father – do not delay!
How great are the powers of darkness today!
Hasten to shield me – oh, help and defend,
And quickly remind me how faithful You've been!

Carry me, Father – I'm soon overwhelmed!
I'll never outgrow my
 need to be held.
And through the years of sunset, I'll choose to believe:
Your arms everlasting are still underneath!

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