Build My House


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This track is included in our 2022 “When I Am Home” CD Album.


You wonder why you eat, but are not satisfied.
You wonder why you drink, yet still you thirst.
You wonder why the clothes you wear will never keep you warm,
Why the harvest isn't yielding so much more.

The time has come to question your affections,
To shine a light on what you value most.
Your houses are so beautiful, yet Mine is left undone.
Oh, how far from Me your foolish hearts have run!

So, go run to the mountains and bring back some wood for My house.
Rekindle the passion – the time for My temple is now.
Consider your ways, the things you embrace,
Pursuits that have taken My place.
Come quench every thirst by seeking Me first
And the blessings I give will remain.

You wonder why the rain has ceased from falling.
You wonder why the earth will not produce.
You wonder why you look for much, yet little you have gained,
And the things you carry home just blow away.

'Tis Mine the Hand that's holding back the blessing!
'Tis Mine the Voice the land and skies obey!
I honor those Who honor Me, and rich is My reward.
So, return and let My worship be restored!

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