At the Sight of Crimson Red


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We plan to include this track in our 2023 album… stay tuned!


How I love to tell of the Great Escape on Egypt’s darkest night.

This story has such a special place in this needy heart of mine.

I’m amazed to think the only thing to be spared from certain death

Was a simple faith put on display over doors adorned in red.

A perfect lamb, so innocent – a chosen lamb would die.

And I can almost hear them sing before that fateful night,


“I will dip my brush in the saving blood and all around my door,

I will paint the stain of another’s pain, through grateful tears, adorn.

Nothing else I need but a covering that a spotless lamb has shed.

Heaven’s wrath will flee passing over me at the sight of crimson red!”

Oh, the countless ways and the countless days I have fallen short of Him.

And the Enemy, unrelentingly, will accuse me of my sin.

But the boundless bliss – there’s hope for this!  There’s a cure to which I cling:

With a simple faith, Christ’s blood I claim – now I’m clean before the King!

The Perfect Lamb, so innocent – for all my sin He died.

And this is now the song I sing to all the guilt inside (… Chorus)


Hallelujah, Jesus’ blood is sufficient, yes, enough!

I am clean beneath its flood Hallelujah for the blood!


Come and dip your brush…

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