An Abundant Entrance


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This track is included in our "Remember" CD album.

I want an abundant entrance, I wanna be ready to arrive!
When I walk through the gates of Heaven, I wanna see joy in His eyes!
Don't wanna come in tip-toein'; I wanna march with the trumpets blowin'!
I want an abundant entrance when I step into Paradise!

I wanna hop in my step, I wanna skip in my stride,
I want to be excited when I finally arrive!
So, I'm gonna strive to obey, I'm gonna build up my faith,
I'm gonna keep pressing on til I fly up and away!

Don't wanna frown on my face, don't wanna hang my head low
Like the servant who was sleeping when the Master came home.
So, I'm gonna work while I wait, I'm gonna anticipate
So I'll be wearing a smile the day I look on His face!

“When We All Get to Heaven” (*adapted lyric changes)

(*Where we will) Sing the wondrous love of Jesus;
Sing His mercy and His grace.
In the mansions bright and blessed
*He's preparing us a place.

So, onward to the prize before us!
Soon His beauty we'll behold;
Soon the pearly gates will open;
We shall tread the streets of gold.

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