A Better Promise Land


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This track is included in our 2022 “When I Am Home” CD Album.


So small in its beginning, a mustard seed in size
And slow in its revealing till God's appointed time.
But, oh, the pomp awaiting when King and Kingdom come
And, oh, the celebrating when Righteousness has won!

We live for a different Kingdom, we are not at Home.
We bow to a higher Ruler, God and God alone.
We walk in a greater freedom under His command.
Yes, we are marching to a better Promise Land!

An army great in number, an empty hope indeed.
Each king a passing wonder, his heart the Victor keeps.
We hear the nations raging; we lift our eyes of faith –
A seat at Jesus' table forever ours to claim!

Why live for what is lesser, why strain for here and now,
When what's to come is better – when Christ will take the crown?
Though land is worth defending, this truth we dare not miss:
Each knee was made for bending before the King of Kings!

Tag Ending:
To a better, to a brighter,
To a grander, to a greater, a forever...
To a better Promise Land!